Compose HTML emails in Gmail

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  1. Oona says:

    You write very well.

  2. Lin says:

    Thanks Oona.

  3. Ken says:

    That was incredibly easy…I was expecting to embed HTML code somewhere like you would to with Outlook or Thunderbird. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Nice and short.
    But the what about people without access to web server. Is it possible to position the attachment (picture) as part of the message?

  5. ina says:

    I love you!! It is soo easy, it works in yahoo as well. I tried copying html text into the email first but it didn’t work…..

  6. John Webster says:

    To: Alfie Punnoose

    If you do not have access to a webserver, there is another option to use. When composing the page in Dreamweaver or any other WYSIWYG web page editor, us the preview in browser feature. Selecting that will open up a browser window with the page loaded in it. From there you will simply cut and paster the contents as described above.

    Hope that helps

  7. Daniel Zeleznikar says:

    or, since you’re already using gmail, first send it to yourself as an attachment, then open the received message and view the attachment as html. then proceed with steps 3 and 4

  8. vic says:

    I don’t get it, why I can make HTML in gmail?, is your gmail different from mine?. I just followed your instructing but nothing happen…

  9. Lin says:


    Gmail would be the same for you and me. Did you remember to turn on the “Rich formatting ยป” for your gmail editor? One other thing I could think of is the browser difference. If it still not working for you, maybe you can tell me the browser type/version and platform you use?


    — Lin

  10. jeff says:

    it didnt work for me either. i copied the html code into the email, made sure rich formatting was on and sent it. when i received it all i saw was the code ๐Ÿ™ i’m using firefox on a mac

  11. DJ says:

    You don’t paste the code into the e-mail. You copy and paste the output. GMail won’t allow you to directly put in HTML code, but you can copy and paste it’s output into a new e-mail message. When you load the HTML you want to send in your browser, don’t view source, just copy the output directly from the browser window.

  12. Kre8iveminds says:

    I worked for me, But it has some problem. I saved the template as a canned response but when I compose mail and tried to get the same template, some of the images do not appear. What the problem? Can anyone has a solution to this.

  13. wsme says:

    I want to put a youtube video in the mail as it is on youtube, I can copy and paste the video and I can send it.
    But when you receive it the video isn’t there.
    Does anyone know what I have to do different to get it as I want it?

  14. mainlander says:

    I guess there’s no way to create image maps in GMail.

    Is there anybody here knows about something about that?

  15. Maran says:

    i use this but the image links are not working

  16. Chad says:

    Seems to work for most things, but doesn’t work for hidden audio embeds. ๐Ÿ™

  17. Nitin says:


    Its working fine with simple text and images. Lets take the present page…How can i send the same page with the header image and some part of body as is in Gmail. Is there any option like compose as plain HTML just like in WordPress in gmail also ?

  18. randy says:

    lol it’s not possible!

  19. Dumbfounded says:

    SO SIMPLE it’s killing me!!!! My html knowledge is very limited. Ran into many problems trying to create a custom html email- I really wish I had found this first! Tried Thunderbird, Mailchimp, many Dreamweaver layouts from scratch…. all with almost perfect results…. BUT THIS METHOD is the best! UNBELIEVABLE! Can’t believe I wasted 2 days when this way would have taken 2 minutes. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. john says:

    this doesn’t work at all for me. I just get the message with the literal text.

  21. thank you so works very well

  22. Azhar says:

    Thanks alot

  23. Aardvark says:

    This fantastic. Thanks!!

  24. Ana says:

    love it! love you!

  25. It is not working for me. Some formatting is copied over, most of the layout is lost.

    Still looking to see how I could solve this. Hard to believe that Google can solve so many problems but seems to be unable to allow us to make a simple HTML newsletter ๐Ÿ™

  26. Bryant says:

    Fantastic !! and its work …wooohoooooo

  27. J Hummel says:

    I got the best results when I used Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to select, copy and paste, and found out that it doesn’t really take images, but this method of copying and pasting into the body of both Gmail and Yahoo emails worked to copy the links and most of the formatting. I understand that sending emails with photos embedded IS a different deal, you have to use absolute URLs for the img src statements, and they have to be on a server somewhere.

    Other than that, works great!

  28. well done…. nice tip… i didn’t know it before….

  29. Vashishta says:

    Many Many Thanks.

    That is really awesome man. It is so easyโ€ฆI never expected it to be so. In-fact from your instructions, i misunderstood and was simply pasting the code from the dream weaver directly into mail compose initially, but from the comments section you have cleared my query. Thank you a lot.

    Its working perfect, in both gmail and yahoo.

    I can’t stay without appreciating you and thanking you, to my hearts fullest.

    I have been researching about this mail news letter via gmail for a long time now,
    Finally i could arrive at “The most best solution”.

  30. Ibrahim Khan says:

    That was helpful, thanks!

  31. Lesya says:

    I have try it , but when I send email, all the page is separated text pics bg and I can’t find solution.

    Somebody can help me?

  32. It is easy? says:

    It is easy?

  33. Tom says:

    I used this method and am very happy with it. I created the email in Google Sites, creating it in a table – this seems to help. Copied and pasted it into both Yahoo and Google mail and both worked fine. There were text and pictures in it. It was a relatively simple creation.
    What I would like to know now is if there is a way to send it with a plain text option for those who want only plain text messages.

  34. Sajjad says:

    Thanks for sharing this simple and awesome HTML email conversion trick.

    Many Thanks Again & Again ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. warwarr says:

    I really went through all the steps but my problem is that it doesn’t work when I use the image map under my html..when the html put under my gmail, only image file appears and image map is not working..if anyone knows about how to solve the problem, kindly let me know…i’ve been working on it for nearly a week… ๐Ÿ™

  36. Jack says:

    Wow – could not any easier – thanks

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